id reaction

I keep getting itchy blisters on the arch of my foot. I read Alison Bechdel’s Are You my Mother? for Mother’s Day. Started it Sunday in the pool, finished it today in a storm. It reminded me–tangentially, because of how it uses Adrienne Rich and Woolf—of how much of what we write about television has been written before—about books,[…]


puppy aeneid

meeting and deciding the outcome with their swords ***** turnus ran to the city walls through the broken ranks (where the soil was most drenched with blood) ***** hearing the name of turnus, aeneas left the walls and exultant with delight clashed her weapons fiercely vast as old apennine himself when he roars through the[…]

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#433rds Day 11

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 11 Little Miss Spider Muffet An idiot day, mostly, noir with deep shadows and Pepi curled into my butt, but! Progress! The mental judo it takes to get oneself to do a thing. Sometimes the lovely book-miracles happen. Today in the tub, it was Jane Tompkins on[…]

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#433rds Day 10

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 10 programmed to receive Our handyman likes to call the toilet “the commode,” and it makes me happy every time he does it. He lies a lot: about when he’s coming back, about how much things cost, about being sick. (Heart attack one week, cancer another–he doesn’t do[…]

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#433rds Day 9

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 9 somnia A nut and bot walk into a bar. The nut says, “hey, yew,” and the bot turns into an iron chicken. I slept for all but three hours today–the only exon in a day of junk DNA. Sugar hours, underwater mindjuice with tedious neverending storylines. I pried my[…]

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#433rds Day 5

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 5 the piano teacher The wasp from this morning still isn’t dead, but I’ve discovered the perfect breakfast: it’s three beignets and a coffee. Things weren’t good before it. I remembered, the way you do when you’re climbing out of sleep and fall off a cliff, that[…]

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#433rds Day 3

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 3 em-endations I finish a good book coasting on a triad of virtue: relieved and exultant and—because most endings tilt down in an elegant droop—sad. When a good show ends I’m just embarrassed. I get goosebumps. It’s involuntary like a blush, and I do tamp them down, but[…]

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#433rds Day 2

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 2 my grain When a gray day breaks out of its dark and toasts into a warm brown spot the moves seem safer. But then you sprout new lenses. They open too wide no matter how fast the shutter snaps and down it all goes like[…]