instabanana day 8 tiles

#433rds Day 8

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 8 dulcie! The model plane has skinny-man wings. They wouldn’t lift. If it were a man, its shirt would be squalid, dumpy as Eve Harrington’s hat. No guns there, maybe a feeble cropdust. I miss fraternizing with women who sew with bone. There’s nothing like beading, honing your sparkle, threading the tidy slight.

instagram day 7 1

#433rds Day 7

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 7 unarm A new study suggests our brains conform to certain identical patterns of activity when we watch movies. It’s a cuff of a fact, starched independent of hand or sleeve. Oscar Pistorius wept in court today and in photos you can see the veins of his straining neck as[…]

instagram day 6 2

#433rds Day 6

(See a description of the #433rds project here.) April 6 focus stacking Back in the cycle of slime. Flash! Oh love, I’ve been avoidant. I’ve watched flash videos, completed flash courses, read about bouncing light off walls. Marooned myself on a guilt fort with a flash moat. Think Castle Crystalskull. When you fret about a mote[…]

instagram day 4 2

#433rds Day 4

April 4 opa! A blood gradient is what it sounds like: a Punnett square fading out towards one edge where the traits jog and skip generations like pixels printed apart. I’m getting divorced, the woman says. Everything in her café is red, and so is her hair—a purple red she has to keep redyeing. (I[…]